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Bell Electric Panel Service has been providing electrical services in Swiss, West Virginia for years. Licensed, professional electrical system technician, we have established a great business reputation. We pride ourselves on being on time. We believe it is our personal obligation to be the best provider of electrical fuse box and circuit breaker repair services and complete every job right the first time. Whether you own a commercial building or a residential home in Swiss or in the surrounding Lincoln County area, you may eventually need a qualified home electricians to resolve an issue for you, and Bell Electric Panel Service is ready to help.

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Our electrical repair and electrical installation services include:

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  • Circuit Breaker Panel
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  • Electrical Breaker Box
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Professional Electric Panel Installations

Instead of calling multiple electrical contractors to handle specific jobs, why not call Bell Electric Panel Service of Swiss? We can help you with any job from electrical work and more. Please review our list of featured services, and give us a call for quality work that’s “On time. Done Right. The First Time.”

We understand your growing “To Do” list can feel overwhelming at times. This along with busy work schedules makes commitments to family and community difficult. We also understand you’re invested in the local area. You may even own a local business in the area. After all, this helps your company’s image and value. Drop that hammer. Let Bell Electric Panel Service help. Check out our profile on Houzz.

As the local Electricians choice, we thank our local community in Swiss for trusting America’s most reliable, insured and bonded electrical services.

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Bell Electric Panel Service is your one-stop shop for a wide range of electrical fuse box and circuit breaker repair services.

Bell Electric Panel Service service technicians are highly skilled craftsmen, so you know they will get the job done right the first time.

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Breaker Box and Sub-Panel Additions in Swiss, WV

A Electrical Service Panel, also known as a load center, service panel, breaker box or electrical panel, is a steel box that holds multiple circuit breakers wired to circuits that distribute power throughout your home. Circuit breakers turn the power to your home on and off to protect your wiring from damage by “tripping” when an electrical short or overcurrent occurs. You may consider replacing your electrical panel or adding a sub-panel if your need for additional circuit breakers exceeds the capacity of your current breaker panel or if you want to upgrade from fuses to circuit breakers. It’s important to note that a new breaker panel will not provide more power to your home. If your home needs more power overall, Call our team of State Certified Top Quality Electrical Service Specialists to upgrade the power, a process that will include a new breaker panel as well as other accessories, such as new cables and a new electrical meter. Standards generally recognize that the life expectancy of electric panels is about 25 years. With older panels, contact points become corroded, possibly causing arcing, brownouts, and, at worst case, fires, personal injury, and property damage.

Let our Master Electrician’s in Swiss, West Virginia help you with all your electrical panel needs.

When you schedule your electrical panel installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services with the qualified electricians in Swiss, WV here at Bell Electric Panel Service, you can count on your electrical system to provide you with the dependable and safe service that you demand. Do not hesitate to give us a call. Whether your electrical panel doesn’t seem to be functioning properly, or you think that you need to replace the circuit breaker in your home, ours is certainly the number to dial.

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